A Place for Company Leadership to Strategically Manage their Operation

Our Executive Center is a configured site within your cloud for company ownership and managers to access information, share strategic ideas and collaborate on executive-level presentations.

One Place

All the reports, management presentations, vendor and company records leadership needs.


Leadership Workspace

Site for managers and executives to collaborate, brainstorm and prepare reports or presentations.


Connected Management

With all your management aligned to one vision and working together toward accomplishing company objectives.


Organized & Available

Structured for management personnel to efficiently access their tools and resources.

Strategic Planning | Performance Dashboards | Vendor Records | Competitive Analysis | Contracts & Agreements | Financials

Executive Center

Built On Microsoft SharePoint Online

Custom configured workspace and document management portal.

Organized Records

Executive Calendar

Manager Sharing

Records Backup

Control Permissions


Options to customize further, or implement additional areas to separate management tiers.


You’re busy, so we keep the implementation process easy, quick and turn-key. With minimal effort on your end, we'll build, customize and implement within your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Step 1
Markup Meeting

About a 30-minute discussion to talk through our standard layout, and determine customizations for your organization.

Step 2
Site Build Out

We build-out the SharePoint site in your environment, with your customizations selected in the Markup Meeting.

Step 3
Load Files & Information

We will help load initial documents and information provided to us, and walk your team through the process.

Step 4 Option
Embed Scorecard

If you also utilize our Executive Scorecard solution, we will embed the live dashboard into your site.

Implementation requires Microsoft Office 365 accounts for all users of the site.


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