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Keep Your Sales Team Engaged with Customers

Let us implement our custom solutions, sales team resources and develop tools to streamline your team's efforts spent on finding, or preparing, information for clients - while integrating sales management tools to lead and guide your team, or sales / distributor networks.

More Time with Customers

All the information and collateral quickly available, so your team stays engaged with your customers.


Aligned to Targets

Simplified, goal-driven reporting for each salesperson and the sales presentation tools to align with the company's objectives.


Scale with Ease

Expanding or replacing sales team members with the tools to start running within days.


Connected to Team

Keep your outside sales professionals connected and engaged with your organization.

Our Suite

Built to Maximize Time With Customers

Our Sales Team Suite solutions are designed to minimize the tasks that keep sales professionals away from their customers and prospects, such as: finding information, data entry, creating reports or making their own sales tools.

3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise

Execute Business Development Platform

Sales Resource Portal

Execute SM  Business Development Collaboration Platform

Our Execute SM platform was developed around providing the salesperson with a library of tools needed to efficiently communicate with their clients, and then integrating features for management to direct their team, or sales network.

We will customize this platform during implementation on your cloud environment, starting from one of our base configurations: Sales Teams; Rep Firms; Manufacturers; Engineering + Architect; Dealer & Distributor.

Organized & up-to-date access to all your Sales, Marketing, Training & Presentation resources ... and your team, or network, isn't wasting time searching through emails or file folders.

Sales Tools | Product Literature | Inventory & Lead Times | Product Training Videos | Sales Forms & Admin Tools | Engineering & Drawing Library | Project Portfolio

Sales Performance Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Performance through Visualization

Give your sales professionals a tool to visualize where they stand against their sales goals, and they'll figure out how to reach those goals. We can configure dynamic reports and simple data entry to produce live reports aligned to leadership's direction.

Forget sales activity tracking or putting all your salespeople in the same mold ... just give them the tools and the target.

Manager Reports

Dynamic visual reporting of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that matter to your unique business. We configure your sales and marketing data points into Microsoft Power BI with the data and visual representation perfect for your business ... without having to fit into an out-of-the-box system or over-engineer a custom data solution.

Professionally-designed Sales Tools

Sales Tool Development

Professionally-Designed, Sales Presentation Tools

If you don't have a library of sales tools and product literature, let us help develop the resources for your team to engage customers. Digital and print sales presentation tools still provide a connection to your products and services when your customers are too busy to "go to your website," so we'll make it easy for your team to send or present this information directly to your customers.

Launch 90

For new product lines, or the re-introduction of established ones, our Launch 90 service creates a package of tools for your sales and marketing team to promote that product line over a 3-month period, including: brochure/flyer, 3 email blasts, presentation and direct email text templates.

Efficient, affordable development of sales tools for your team to engage the customer and help the customer better understand the products and services you're offering.

Sales Opportunities Tracker

Lead Center

The Simplest Sales Lead Management Tool

When CRM's are too powerful for your organization, we configure a simple solution in your Microsoft cloud to centralize your team's leads and opportunities.

Centralized list with a connected app for sales teams, within your cloud.

Connect Your CRM

CRM Connect

Connect Sales Resources to Your CRM Platform

Our service to connect or configure processes to link a CRM platform you already have in place with the other tools we provide. CRM's now have many integration options, but they may not be simple to configure with your digital operations, so we make it easy for you.

Connect your Sales Literature, Email Campaigns, or Reporting Dashboards.

3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise